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Kwame Anthony Appiah
On Race

NYU Professor and NYUAD-visiting Professor of Philosophy and Law, Anthony Appiah, discusses the social construction of race as a biological entity and political identity, as part of a Foreign Affairs series.

May Al Dabbagh
Relationships Among Women: Bridging Racial, Generational, and Global Divides

NYU Abu Dhabi professor May Al Dabbagh, speaking at Harvard Business School’s Gender and Work Conference, discusses how global encounters can produce positive collaborations, shows how these collaborations require authentic engagements with people’s realities, and demonstrates how they are a form of power based on the subjective positionality of those involved. 

Paula England
The Stall in Gender Equality

NYU-affiliated and NYU Abu Dhabi-visiting professor Paula England discusses her research on the progress towards gender equality, examining the nuances of changing disparity between men and women in educational attainment and majors, employment, and wages over time. 

Alta Mauro (previous NYUAD faculty)
The Slippery Slope of Everyday Horror

As part of TEDxNYUAD, Alta Mauro, founding director of Spiritual Life and InterCultural Education (SLICE), reflects on Jordan Peele’s Get Out and the everyday horrors we encounter in the inhumane ways that some people are disregarded, misrepresented, or manipulated based on racism and other forms of discrimination, which precedes and makes way for brutality.

Ann Morning
The Nature of Race: How Scientists Think and Teach About Being Different

Ann Morning, Director of 19 Washington Square North, speaks at the Baker Institute about her book in which she explores different conceptions of race across the disciplines. Examining different underlying conceptions about race, she demonstrates that how one conceptualizes race is linked to attitudes and behaviors. 

Saba Najeeb
Behind the Veil

Saba Najeeb, Assistant Instructor in the Social Science Department, shares the social norms that she has had to fight against in order to achieve her success. As part of TEDxNYUAD, Najeeb discusses gendered stigma and how she overcame structural gender barriers. 

Niobe Way
Why “Boys Will Be Boys” is a Myth

Niobe Way, NYU Professor of Applied Psychology and visiting professor at both NYUAD and NYUSH, discusses the harmful stereotype that the phrase “boys will be boys” perpetuates. Her research on adolescent boys demonstrates that boys, like all humans, are empathetic and yearn for close friendships, yet our cultural fixation labels men as strong, autonomous, and emotionless. 

Educational and Accessibility Projects

Survival of the Best Fit
Created by four NYU Abu Dhabi alumni — Gabor Csapo, Class of 2018, Jihyun Kim, Class of 2018, Miha Klasinc, Class of 2018, and Alia ElKattan, Class of 2020 — when they were undergraduate students, this award winning educational game highlights hiring bias in AI, by demonstrating how machines inherit human biases and further inequality.  

Co-founded by three alumnae — Dora Palfi, Class of 2016, Beatrice Ionascu, Class of 2016, and Paula Dozsa, Class of 2018 — Imagilabs aims to address the gender gap in the tech industry by teaching young girls how to code. The alums have long been champions of gender equality: Dora and Beatrice founded the student group WeSTEM (women empowered in STEM), and Paula was the first member.

Developed by alumni Mateusz Mach, Class of 2020, this app allows people who are deaf and hearing to communicate through international sign language; available on iOS and Android. 

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