Aisha Al Yazeedi

Being part of the Kawader Program has provided Aisha with a distinctive professional growth experience.

Amal Al Gergawi

"Each day as a Kawader fellow has brought new lessons, insights, and discoveries, and I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this transformative experience.”

Jwaher Alnaqbi

Jwaher Alnaqbi is a nuclear engineer who had the opportunity to take the lead in multiple research projects, and collaborate extensively with local and foreign institutions here at NYUAD.

Fatema Salem Alhajeri

“With Kawader's support, I'm able to visualize a professional path that I can follow that can add value to the United Arab Emirates and mankind as a whole.”

Maryam Alkaabi

Maryam Alkaabi is researching on innovative drug delivery systems for future cancer treatment.

Maryam Almemari

Maryam Almemari is working to protect marine life from biofouling in the gulf with her research. 

Mouza Alzaabi

Mouza Alzaabi's research could provide new insights into the development of innovative treatments for chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Nouf Khan

Nouf Khan uses a specialized DNA sequence for gene editing to create zebrafish mutants in order to better understand how stress prompte by the release of toxins affects basic bodily functions. 


Noura Al Hashimi

Noura Al Hashimi is concentrating her research on the development of innovative tissue replacements, and improving sustainability in bioengineering research procedures.

Safeya Alblooshi

Safeya Alblooshi views urban environments as audio compositions, and considers individuals in these environments to be the composers of the sounds we hear.

Zainab Alhaddad

Zainab Alhaddad research focuses on improving our understanding of asphaltenes, a class of chemical compounds found in crude oil that negatively impact production.