Understanding Nuclear Security

Jwaher Alnaqbi is a Kawader Fellow currently working as a research assistant in the field of physics under the supervision of Associate Professor of Physics, Joseph Gelfand.

Jwaher holds a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Sharjah, where her journey into the realms of research began. As an undergraduate student, Jwaher developed a keen interest in nuclear physics and applications of radiation. 

To pursue these interests, Jwaher took part in several research projects, most notably working on reevaluating nuclear security measures at the QCC Radiation Labs in Abu Dhabi, and library least square analysis through graphic user interfaces. Jwaher combined her research interests with ventures into the professional realm, pursuing an internship at the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulations, where she led a team developing a film that explains IAEA non-proliferation agreements, alongside other nuclear security agreements.

Her research project is tightly related to her undergraduate field of study in nuclear engineering. In collaboration with the Nuclear Energy System, Simulation, and Safety (NESSS) research group at the University of Sharjah, Jwaher simulated the APR-1400 reactor core, currently operating in Al Ruwais, Abu Dhabi, as part of the Barakah nuclear power plant. 

The team used a new free source code called KOMODO to simulate the core under static and transient conditions, with the goal of providing reference material, and developing reactor analysis capabilities in support of the nuclear energy program in the UAE. Upon the completion of the project, Jwaher was able to publish her in the acclaimed Nuclear Engineering and Technology journal

Reflecting on her comprehensive involvement with the Kawader program, Jwaher is particularly appreciative of the possibilities for cooperation with acclaimed researchers from across the region and world. "During the Kawader program, I had the opportunity to take the lead in multiple research projects, and collaborate extensively with local and foreign institutions, which added diversity to my learning. As a nuclear engineer interested in the research domain, the Kawader program provided me with the opportunity to gain valuable research experience, and sharpen my skills in my domain of interest, creating a solid foundation for my graduate studies.”