Kawader Research Assistantship Program

Kawader is a unique research program that allows outstanding graduates to gain experience in a cutting-edge academic research environment. This individually tailored, intensive, three-year program is designed for graduates considering a graduate degree or a career in research.

Three-Year Intensive Program

Learning Objective Outcomes
Develop research skills Researchers will gain experience and develop necessary research skills to equip them for their field.
Develop professional skills Researchers will be provided with required training in personal, interpersonal, and general administrative skills.
Prepare for graduate school Research assistants will be provided with orientation required to be strong candidates for graduate schools. The program immerses participants in specific fields of research — sciences, humanities, and social sciences — and provides technical, professional, and graduate school preparation support.

It is a great program that offers an opportunity for individuals to experience research in the right environment, academically and socially. Also, the program offers help in attending conferences and workshops overseas therefore building the knowledge and development of the individual.

Fatima Al Jallaf, research assistant

Important Program Details

  • There are a limited number of positions available each year.
  • Research assistant and postdoctoral roles are associated with specific positions — the positions and disciplines vary annually.
  • Research Positions are fixed-term; research assistants and postdocs spend three years in a single research lab or scholarly project.
  • Research positions are not renewable.
  • A description is developed for each opportunity — applicants must apply for a specific position.
  • The responsibilities for each available role are described in the position description.

Application Requirements

Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree and have a strong interest in undertaking a graduate degree and/or continuing a career in research. It is expected that the applicant's major or degree is closely aligned with the requirements of the position, and that the applicant will have developed the basic skills and knowledge required by the position. Applications must include:

  1. Statement of interest in the position (maximum one page)
  2. Transcript of degree(s)
  3. CV
  4. Two letters of recommendation from faculty or research supervisors

UAE nationals are encouraged to apply.

To apply, please follow the position links below and upload all necessary documents as requested.

Future Vacancies

Please note: The Kawader program is now at capacity. Please see the list below for positions that will be available soon. Applications will be kept on file and assessed when there is an opening.

Position Inquiries