Kawader Research Assistantship Program

Kawader is a unique, national capacity-building research fellowship program that allows outstanding graduates to gain experience in a cutting-edge academic research environment. This three-year, individually tailored, intensive program has two distinctive paths designed for (Emirati) graduates considering a graduate degree or a career in research.

Please note that the Kawader program is currently operating close to full capacity.

  • Path 2 postdoctoral researcher positions are currently open with a limited number of spaces for Academic Year 2023-2024
  • Path 1 Research Assistant Fellowship positions: Currently accepting applications for intake in Academic Year 2023-2024
Kawader Program
Path 1 Research Assistant Fellowship
Path 2 Postdoctoral Researcher

Three-Year Intensive Program

Learning Objective Outcomes
Develop research skills through mentorship

Carefully selected mentors provide researchers with the experience and knowledge necessary for an immersive research experience.

The mentor also provides guidance relating to setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying key resources in their specialized field.

Tailored professional development Through the Learning and Development department with an Individual Learning Plan, researchers will be provided with required training in personal, interpersonal, and general administrative skills.
Develop into confident and involved learners

Researchers will be placed in an environment where their knowledge and background of research will be challenged. They are expected to be highly involved in the development of research for publications.

Research output in high-impact journals is an integral success indicator for each researcher in the Kawader program.

Researchers have the opportunity to become even more confident and involved learners through their exposure to cutting-edge research and projects that push the boundaries of the discipline.

It is a great program that offers an opportunity for individuals to experience research in the right environment, academically and socially. Also, the program offers help in attending conferences and workshops overseas therefore building the knowledge and development of the individual.

Fatima Al Jallaf, Kawader Alum (Research Assistant)

Important Program Details

  • UAE nationals are encouraged to apply.
  • The Kawader program is a full-time employment contract (for both research assistant fellows and postdocs) for a duration of three years.
  •  The contracts includes a competitive salary (that differs for Path 1 and 2), library and other administrative support, a personal research fund, housing allowance, and a standard package of benefits that includes health insurance.
  • There are a limited number of positions available each year.
  • Research assistant fellows and postdoctoral roles are associated with specific positions — the positions and disciplines vary annually (for both research assistant fellows and postdocs).
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until program capacity is reached.
  • Research Positions are fixed-term; research assistants and postdocs spend three years in a single research lab or scholarly project.
  • Research assistantships are not renewable.
  • A description is developed for each opportunity — applicants must apply for a specific position.
  • The responsibilities for each available role are described in the position description.

My experience as a postdoctoral researcher in the Kawader program has supported me in focusing my time and energy developing my research skills further and expanding my research project to include an in-depth study that I would not have been able to do otherwise.

Saqer Almarri, Postdoctoral Associate, Humanities

Application Requirements

  • Research Assistant Fellowships  — Path 1

    Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree and have a strong interest in undertaking a graduate degree and/or continuing a career in research.

    It is expected that the applicant's major or degree is closely aligned with the requirements of the position, and that the applicant will have developed the basic skills and knowledge required by the position.
    Applications must include:
    1. Statement of interest in the position (maximum one page)
    2. Transcript of degree(s)
    3. CV
    4. Two letters of recommendation from faculty or research supervisors

    UAE nationals are encouraged to apply.

    To apply, please follow the position links below and upload all necessary documents as requested.

Upcoming or Future Vacancies

Please note that the Kawader program is currently operating close to full capacity. Applications for both Path 1 and 2 are currently open for applicants to submit their documents (intake for Academic Year 2023-2024).

Position Inquiries

Kawader Program is an opportunity that has provided me with the ability to ask the right questions, find correct answers and express my passion in the oil industry. It has broadened by mindset, introduced me to research fields I was not familiar with, and provided the guidance and freedom I was looking for. My experience has been extremely valuable, amusing, and extraordinary

Zainab Alhaddad, Research Assistant, Chemistry

Frequently Asked Questions

Story Highlights

Maryam Almemari

Maryam Almemari is working to protect the marine ecosystems from biofouling in the gulf with her resesarch. 

Maryam Alkaabi

Maryam Alkaabi is researching on innovative drug delivery systems for future cancer treatment.

Jwaher Alnaqbi

Jwaher Alnaqbi is a nuclear engineer who had the opportunity to take the lead in multiple research projects, and collaborate extensively with local and foreign institutions here at NYUAD.

The experiences gained through the program and its events are unlike any other. The newly founded, "Kawader Talks," allows us researchers within Kawader to share our projects with each other and learn through our peers. Through Kawader, I was given the opportunity to join the AstroParticle Physics Lab and work with HPGe (High Purity Germanium) detectors, however, it does not stop there. As a young researcher, the Kawader program provided space for me to grow within the field; learning and networking with more experienced and educated researchers. The goal is to eventually work with one of the leading projects on dark matter, XENON. My future as a scientist, specifically a researcher, has been guided by Kawader — for this, I am forever grateful

Hamad Shams, Research Assistant, Physics

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