High Performance Computing

Fatema Salem Alhajeri is a research assistant at the Center for Research Computing at NYU Abu Dhabi, working under the supervision of Senior Director of the Center for Research Computing, Muataz Al Barwani.

In her research, Fatema is researching how high-performance computing helps engineers, data scientists, designers, and other researchers solve large, complex problems in far less time and costs than traditional computing.

At the Center for Research Computing, Fatema is currently working on a project that aims to develop a new way to evaluate the strength and resilience of infrastructure systems under load pressure. Fatema and her team are incorporating the most recent advances in computational modeling and sensing technologies. 

Specifically, their proposed solution uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, enabling researchers to efficiently integrate preexisting data and physics models in their real time evaluation of infrastructure performance.

The Kawader program has provided Fatema with the chance and the experience to learn and adapt strong skills in research around the best in the field. As a researcher, Fatema has been given the chance to utilize her strong existing skills and continue improving them along the way. 

“With Kawader's support, I'm able to visualize a professional path that I can follow that can add value to the United Arab Emirates and mankind as a whole”, Fatema said. The "Kawader Talks" that take place every month also made her realize the amount of effort and dedication put in by other Kawader fellows to achieve their ambitions. 

One of Fatema’s highlight in her research experience has been building a close relationship with her faculty supervisors. Fatema shares that their mentorship has helped her to identify how her work can make a positive difference, thus shaping her work and long-term professional goals.