High Performance Computing


NYU Abu Dhabi's High Performance Computing (HPC) Center serves university researchers, faculty, and students by providing them with HPC services and support that enables them to conduct world-class computational research and education.

We have adapted HPC services to meet and satisfy faculty and researchers’ changing teaching and research needs for High Performance Computing and Information Technology.

The HPC Center at NYUAD is governed by a 2-tier governing body consisting of an executive board and steering committee.


  • Deliver high quality and efficient HPC services exceeding the researchers’ and faculty expectations;
  • Expand and adapt HPC Center services to satisfy the researchers’ and faculty changing research and teaching needs for High Performance Computing; and
  • Maximize the utilization of the HPC by building awareness and promoting the use of HPC Center services.


  • relationship management (HPC user support)
  • request management
  • user account management
  • scientific applications support
  • scientific application license management
  • resource monitoring and tuning 
  • backup and recovery
  • HPC network management
  • HPC system management
  • visualization
  • ankabut file transfer


Muataz Al Barwani
Director, High Performance Computing and Research Support
Email: m.albarwani@nyu.edu
Benoit Marchand
Senior HPC Computational Specialist
Email: benoit.marchand@nyu.edu

Jorge Naranjo
HPC Computational Specialist
Email: jorge.naranjo@nyu.edu
Guowei He
HPC Computing Specialist
Email: guowei.he@nyu.edu

Hendra Adiwidjaja
Senior HPC System Administrator
Email: dalma.admins@nyu.edu
Simon Johny
HPC Storage System Administrator
Email: dalma.admins@nyu.edu

Wissam Ali
HPC System Administrator
Email: dalma.admins@nyu.edu