Center for Research Computing

Research Computing consists of the infrastructure, applications, expert staff, policies, and other resources required to support computational and data-intensive activities related to research.

The New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) Center for Research Computing serves New York University Abu Dhabi’s researchers, faculty and students by providing them with High Performance Computing (HPC) and Research computing services and support to enable them to conduct world-class and innovative computational research and education.

In alignment with NYU Abu Dhabi’s vision of becoming one of the world’s great research universities we will push the boundaries of computational research and become a world class Center for Research Computing.

  • The strategy for the center of research computing will focus on 4 key areas all having a strong alignment with NYU Abu Dhabi’s core mission, vision, and core goals.


    Enabling Computational Research at NYUAD

    • Alignment with NYU Abu Dhabi’s Research strategy
    • Design, procure, operate, maintain and grow world class Computational Research Infrastructure and services
    • Develop and implement a Research Data strategy


    • Oversight and guidance
    • Research Centers and Faculty research alignment and engagement
    • Data Governance

    Community Engagement and Outreach

    • HPC and Research Computing partnerships and research collaborations
    • Participate in building Abu Dhabi’s knowledge economy

    Innovation in HPC and Technical Computing

    • Center of Excellence for High Performance Computing


    • HPC User Support (User Requests and Application Support)
    • User Account Management
    • Coding and Development (including Parallel Coding, Optimization and Debugging)
    • Resource Monitoring and Tuning
    • Data Storage, Archiving and Recovery
    • HPC System Management
    • Visualization
    • Data Transfer

Center for Research Computing Team

High Performance Computing

HPC Computational Scientists

Benoit Marchand
Senior Computational Scientist
Jorge Naranjo
Senior Computational Scientist

HPC Application Specialists

Waqqas Zia
HPC Application Specialist
Mennatallah Saleh
HPC Applications Specialist

Fatema Salem Alhajeri
Junior HPC Applications Specialist

HPC System Administrators

Hendra Adiwijaja
Senior HPC System Administrator
Simon Johny
Senior HPC Storage System Administrator

Fayizal Kunhi
HPC System Administrator