Shamsa Al Suwaidi

Research Assistant Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: Bs Zayed University

Research Websites: Teaching, Learning, and Development Lab

Research Areas: Early childhood development, Emirati culture, first-time parenting

Shamsa Al Suwaidi, holding a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Zayed University, is currently active in two key roles. In the Teaching, Learning, and Development Lab, she is involved in the project "First-time Emirati Fathers’ Identity, Attitudes, and Beliefs Regarding Their Role in Parenting, Family, and Child Development." Al Suwaidi contributes to this research by handling transcription, translation, recruitment, and conducting interviews. This project focuses on exploring the perspectives and roles of first-time Emirati fathers in the context of parenting, family dynamics, and child development.

With a particular interest in parenting and development, Al Suwaidi serves as one of the lead facilitators in the Abu Dhabi Parenting Program. The program emphasizes parent-child engagement and early milestones in language, cognition, sensory, physical, and emotional development.