October 2022

The developmental psychology observation lab space on campus is now open and welcoming participants.

Help Us Learn About Children's Emotions at NYUAD!

The Teaching, Learning & Development Lab at NYUAD is looking for mothers and children (ages 3 to 5) from Arab cultural backgrounds to learn about early childhood social-emotional development.

The study will take place in person at NYUAD Play Lab and takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. All participants will receive 150 AED for completion of the study and stickers for the participating child.

Please watch one of the videos below to learn more about the study

NYUAD Play Lab Visit [Arabic]

NYUAD Play Lab Visit [English]


June 2022

Suchodoletz, A. v., Fullmer, S., & Larsen, R. A. A. (2022). Associations between parenting stress and children’s academic engagement when schools were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic: Risk and protective factors. Open Education Studies, 4(1), 187-205.

Cosso, J., Suchodoletz, A. v., & Yoshikawa, H. (2022). Effects of parental involvement programs on young children’s academic and social-emotional outcomes: A meta-analysis. Forthcoming in the Journal of Family Psychology.

The lab presented at the following conferences:

  • Our project entitled: “Expatriate teachers’ stress during the COVID-19 pandemic” will have results presented at two EARLI conferences this summer. Results will discuss both support and challenge factors delivering education throughout COVID-19: Disrupted education, Initial return, and final transition to full in-person teaching. Results discuss organizational climate factors that predict resilience, burnout and stress “under the skin” (Cortisol Awakening response in two days of teaching and Heart rate variability delivering education).
    • 06/22-06/24 2022
      Bryan, C., & von Suchodoletz (2022). Teaching Through the Storm: Resilience and Burnout Trajectories of Expatriate Teachers in the UAE. Oral presentation at the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction in Teaching and Teacher Education conference, Oldenburg, Germany 22-24th June.
    • 06/09-06/10 2022
      Bryan, C., & von Suchodoletz (2022). Teaching Through the Storm: Understanding Expatriate Teacher Stress and Resilience delivering Education during COVID-19. Poster presented at the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction EFG: Potentials and Challenges of Using Physiological Measures in Educational Research, Padova, Italy 9-10th June.

May 2022

Dr. Christopher Bryan and Tessa McNaboe presented their research at the 6th Annual Graduates Research Showcase on May 24, 2022. Dr. Christopher Bryan was awarded one of the top prizes for his poster abstract in this year's Research Showcase.

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