2012 Presentations

  • Academic Conferences

    Kanako Terakado, Panče Naumov, Keiko Gomi, Naoki Kajiyama, Jun Hiratake and Toru Nakatsu 2012: High resolution X-ray crystallographic analysis of firefly luciferase in complex with oxyluciferin analogue (poster) The 85th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society, Fukuoka International Congress Center, Fukuoka, Japan, December 14 – 16.

    Panče Naumov 2012: Energy conversion in the solid state: Back to the macroscale? (invited lecture) 4th National Crystallographic Symposium with international participation, University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia, Bulgaria, November 1 – 3.

    Panče Naumov 2012 Alternative materials and methods for energy conversion in the solid state, (invited lecture) 10th SESAME User’s meeting, Days Inn Hotel, Amman, Jordan,
    November 10 – 12.

    Oleg Maltsev, Panče Naumov, Lukas Hintermann 2012: Chemistry of Oxyluciferin – The Light Emitter of Fireflies, (poster; poster award) ORCHEM 2012 - 18. Lecture Conference, Weimar, Germany, September 24 – 26.

    M. Rebarz, C. Ruckebusch, A. Ghose, P. Didier, O. Maltsev, L. Hintermann, P. Naumov, M. Sliwa 2012:  Ultrafast spectroscopy of oxyluciferin and its synthetic derivatives: the origin of the bioluminescence of fireflies, (oral) XXIV IUPAC Symposium on Photochemistry, Coimbra, Portugal, July 15 – 20.

    Panče Naumov 2012: Technomimetic and Biomimetic Single Crystals, (poster) Gordon Research Conference on Crystal Engineering, Waterville Valley Resort, Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, US, June 10 – 15.

    Panče Naumov 2012: X-Ray Fluorescence and X-Ray Diffraction Workshop, Al Raha Beach Hotel Abu Dhabi, UAE, (participation only). April 18 – 19.

    Panče Naumov 2012: Toward Single Crystal Technomimetics and Biomimetics for Energy Conversion(oral) NYUAD Material Science Symposium, NYUAD, Abu Dhabi, UAE March 8.

  • Lectures

    Panče Naumov 2012: Alternative Methods for Energy Conversion: Generation of Cold Light by Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence The 45th Hakubi Seminar, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan September 4.

    Panče Naumov 2012: Structure and spectroscopy of oxyluciferin  1st HFSP Project Coordination Meeting Excited-State Structure of the Emitter and Color-Tuning Mechanism of the Firefly Bioluminescence, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Strasbourg, Illkirch, France March 15.

    Panče Naumov 2012: Energy Conversion in the Solid State: Technomimetic and Biomimetic Single Crystals (invited lecture) Department of Organic Chemistry, ETH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland
    March 12.