2003 Presentations

  • Academic Conferences

    Panče Naumov, “Dynamical Aspects of Photoexcited States in Condensed Matter”, Satellite Symposium of the XXIst ICP, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan, July  24 — 25, 2003 (attendance). 

    Panče Naumov, International Symposium “Structure analysis of unstable excited species by time-resolved X-ray diffraction technique”, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan, November 10 — 11, 2003 (attendance).

    Panče Naumov, Yuji Ohashi, “The first second-generation crystalline switch based on photoinduced and nitro-assisted proton/hydrogen transfer: dual mode, cascade type light-to-chemical energy photochromic converter” (poster), XXI International Conference on Photochemistry, Nara, Japan, July 26 — 31, 2003.