Fabrication instruments acquired by the center include electrospinning, for nanofibrous polymeric and ceramic membranes, furnaces, a high-energy ball mill, ovens, and centrifuges.

Electrospinning Setup

Electrospinning is a method to produce fine fibrous materials with nanoscale dimensions, high specific surface area, controllable porosity, and potential of surface functionalization. 

MECC Nanon-1A


Incubator Shaker

Our benchtop incubator shaker enables mixing of liquids with constant temperature control in the chamber. A digital tachometer controls orbital shaking (rpm) and the system can run for stable long-term operation.

New Brunswick Innova 40R

Instrument Model No.
Electrospinning System Mecc Nanon-1A
Incubator Shaker New Brunswick Innova 40R
Hydraulic Press Specac Atlas autotouch 15T
High energy ball mill Retsch Emax
Sieve Shaker Retsch AS200
Furnace (1300°C) Nabertherm L15/13
Oven Carbolite AX060
Tube Furnace Carbolite CTF 12/65/550
Centrifuge Thermo Scientific Heraeus Multifuge X3R
Vacuum Oven Thermo Scientific VT 6060 P-BL
Overhead Stirrer Ika RW28 Digital
Rotary evaporator Ika  RV 10 C S093
Homogeniser Ika T25 digital Ultra Turrax
Ultrasonication Bath Bransonic  CPX3800H-E/  CPX5800H-E/ CPX8800H-E
Probe Sonicator Qsonica Q700