Fabrication instruments acquired by the center include electrospinning, for nanofibrous polymeric and ceramic membranes, furnaces, a high-energy ball mill, ovens, and centrifuges.

Instrument Description Model No.
Electrospinning System Electrospinning is a method to produce fine fibrous materials with nanoscale dimensions, high specific surface area, controllable porosity and potential of surface functionalization. Mecc Nanon-1A
Incubator Shaker Our benchtop incubator shaker enables mixing of liquids with constant temperature control in the chamber. A digital tachometer controls orbital shaking (rpm) and the system can run for stable long-term operation. New Brunswick Innova 40R
Carver Benchtop automatic press This benchtop hydraulic press is used to compress larger samples (9’’ x 9’’) with a maximum force of 25 tons and with heating and cooling options.  
Hydraulic Press This specific hydraulic press is ideal for preparing pellet samples with varying load configurations Specac Atlas autotouch 15T
High energy ball mill Our high energy ball mill can grind and blend materials into very fine particles with a narrow size distribution by combining high friction and high impact. Retsch Emax
Sieve Shaker Our Retsch AS200 sieve shaker is used to separate particles and agitating the sample through mesh filters. Retsch AS200
Furnace (1300°C) The center is home to high-temperature chamber and tube furnaces, ovens, and vacuum ovens to help with our research needs.

Nabertherm L15/13

Carbolite CTF 12/65/550

Thermo Scientific Heraeus Multifuge X3R

Thermo Scientific VT 6060 P-BL

Centrifuge Our bench-top centrifuge is used for the separation of fluids based on density by spinning a vessel of the material at high speed, allowing the centrifugal force to push denser materials to the outside. Equipped with different rotor sizes. Thermo Scientific Heraeus Multifuge X3R
Homogenizers and stirrers We use a range of overhead stirrers, homogenizers for intensive mixing of solutions of varying viscosities.

IKA RW28 Digital

IKA RV 10 C S093

IKA T25 Digital Ultra Turrax

Ultrasonication Bath Ultrasonic baths of different sizes are used for sample preparation and degassing of liquids. The following models are available in the Center: Bransonic CPX3800H-E / CPX5800H-E / CPX8800H-E
Probe Sonicator This advanced probe sonicator provides full amplitude control from 1-100% to control its intensity and allows for a maximum power output of 700 watts. Qsonica Q700