Vendor Registration

Each business or individual ("Vendor") interested in conducting business with NYUAD must submit this application before an order or payment can be processed. NYUAD terms and conditions apply and prevail over any other terms and conditions of trading.  

It is the responsibility of the vendor to notify the NYUAD Procurement department of any changes, such as company name, address, telephone or fax number, bank details, or items or services you are interested providing. Failure to notify NYUAD Procurement of changes may result in delayed payment.

Before starting this form please download and fill Banking Details and Authorized Signature Form.

UAE Vendors should submit a copy of the vendor’s UAE Commercial License and VAT certificate.

Registration Form

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*A Member of the same family or household is defined as a spouse, dependent children, and any other family members or persons residing in the same household as a University employee.
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You will need to provide at least 1 reference, all additional references can be uploaded in the Documents Upload section below.

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Insurance Information

Documents Upload

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  • Banking Details and Authorized Signature Form *
    Please download the form fill it out and than upload it
  • Quotation provided to NYUAD*
  • UAE Commercial License* (Mandatory for UAE based companies)
  • Financial statements
  • Additional References (if applicable)
  • Insurance (if applicable)
  • Chamber of Commerce Membership (if applicable)
  • Import License (if applicable)
  • VAT Registration (if applicable)

NYUAD Terms and Conditions and Supplier Code of Conduct

Please review the NYUAD Terms and Conditions (PDF).

Are you providing a service that involves “on campus” work by your company’s employees and/or sub-contractor(s) if any? *
Please review the Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)


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