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To add your company to NYUAD Vendor Database please fill out the form below. The NYUAD Procurement department will use the database to search and identify potential vendors for the institutional procurement needs.

Please note that placement in this database does not guarantee any business with NYUAD and we will be contacting you when you are identified as a potential vendor.

Find Your 6 (six) Digit Code

Please follow this example to help you find your Supplier Categorization 6 (six) digit code.  Please note, the NYUAD Procurement department uses this code to classify the primary goods/services that your company provides in our vendor database.  It is important that you are correctly classified.

To find your Supplier Categorization Code, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go the National American Industry Classification System.
  2. Type in a keyword related to your primary business offering — for example Laboratory.
  3. Then review the general list and find your specific category — for example Laboratory equipment, dental and medical, merchant wholesalers.
  4. Your 6 digit code would be 423450.

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Company/Organization Information

NYUAD Terms and Conditions and Supplier Code of Conduct

Please review the NYUAD Terms and Conditions (PDF) and Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF)

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