General Terms, Conditions, and Instructions

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Purchase Orders (POs) are subject to NYUAD Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.
  2. PO is also subject to the NYUAD Supplier Code of Conduct (SCC), applicable to all service providers and contractors who work at NYUAD campus.

Good Delivery Instructions

  1.  ALL deliveries must be pre-registered by filling the Delivery Form and emailing it to
  2. No deliveries will be accepted without pre-registration.
  3. Delivery timing: 8am-5pm, Sunday–Thursday

Payment Instructions

To ensure a smooth payment process, your invoice along with the Purchase Order consolidated in one PDF file MUST be emailed to For payment inquiries, please reply to the same email chain you've sent for your invoice submission. Please do not send a new email for an inquiry as that can cause further delays. 

Regulatory and VAT Compliance Requirements

For requirements related to VAT-compliant invoices, please see VAT requirements.

Please note that non-compliant invoices will be rejected.

  1. Please quote NYUADC Purchase Order (PO) number on the invoices where the goods and services are provided against a PO.
  2. The Invoice MUST state the currency which should be the same as the currency of the PO, for invoices issued in a foreign currency, the NYUADC PO currency MUST be USD.
  3. The Invoice MUST not be a duplicate.
  4. The invoice/document MUST be readable.
  5. If you are providing goods and services to NYUADC under more than one PO, you must invoice for each PO separately. Only one PO can be referenced per invoice.
  6. Always review the “Comments” section on the PO for additional processing instructions.
  7. The format of the invoice must match the format of the PO and follow these guidelines:
    1. Reference the appropriate PO line item number for each line item on the invoice.
    2. For Goods: The total for each line must represent the extended amount for that Good.
    3. For Services: Service charges and expenses must be itemized on separate lines.
  8. The total PO amount above is exclusive of VAT.