Procurement at NYU Abu Dhabi

Procurement’s mission is to deliver value to NYUAD by identifying opportunities to procure right goods and services at the right value and ensure compliance with proper controls in place. This includes ensuring that best and most innovative buying practices are utilized in areas of strategic sourcing and tactical purchasing.

Complying with NYUAD Procurement Policy

As a valued and active supplier of NYU Abu Dhabi Corporation (NYUADC), please be advised that requests pertaining to purchases and/or agreements initiated by NYUAD, NYUAD employees, departments, or other representatives are required to meet the following minimum requirements in addition to any additional applicable NYUAD terms and conditions and/or contract:

  • All engagements for goods above AED 5,000 (USD 1,350) and services above AED 11,000 (USD 3,000) must be supported by an NYUAD Purchase Order.
  • Negotiations for goods and/or services above USD 10,000 must involve an NYUAD Procurement Department representative
  • Changes to existing agreements, contracts, and/or purchase order terms and conditions, must involve an NYUAD Procurement Department representative

To ensure timely payment of invoices, please ensure compliance with this process, as NYUAD will not be responsible for honoring any commitments that do not adhere with these requirements. Please email to ensure an NYUAD Procurement Department representative is involved as per the process explained above.