Stern at NYUAD Further Strengthens Climate Finance Offerings as it Welcomes the University's Transition Investment Lab

The Transition Investment Workshop which was held during COP28.

Co-funded by Mubadala and Al Maskari Holding, the Transition Investment Lab (TIL) is a research initiative that positions NYU Abu Dhabi as a center of excellence and knowledge hub for impact finance and sustainability research

The University’s Transition Investment Lab (TIL) has officially joined Stern at NYU Abu Dhabi, further strengthening the one-year full time MBA Program’s offerings and expertise in the field of impact investing and global finance related to sustainability.

TIL is a center of excellence and knowledge hub for impact finance and sustainability research, with special reference to sovereign wealth funds’ investments in the Middle East, Africa, and Southern-Asia (MEASA) region. Co-funded by Mubadala and Al Maskari Holding, TIL’s mission is to meet the highest academic standards while providing strategic thinking and actionable solutions to investors in the key emerging sector of global finance.  


“With the addition of TIL, we anticipate exciting opportunities to engage in collaborative projects, gain insights from the center’s esteemed experts, join vibrant center events, and discover promising employment prospects with affiliated companies and organizations. Students of the MBA program will be able to access valuable research data, especially around climate finance and inclusion which is so crucial to any financial and professional education.”

Dean of Stern at NYUAD Rob Salomon

“The UAE’s year of sustainability and the efforts of NYU Abu Dhabi to support the ambitions of COP28 have been timely reminders of the need to shift from the conventional economic paradigm to a new model based on environmental sustainability, social inclusion, and shared prosperity. Our lab has worked hard since launching in 2021 to embrace this new investment philosophy and develop a more substantive focus on how best to achieve measurable impact through the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Working in partnership with Stern at NYUAD will help us further these goals, through knowledge sharing and a mix of regional and global expertise, along with the extended support from our valued partners Mubadala and Al Maskari Holding.”

NYUAD Executive Director of TIL Bernardo Bortolotti

A key objective of the lab is to produce actionable, research-generated investing insights that enable global institutional investors to better evaluate high impact opportunities in developing economies. This will support the ongoing transformation of the UAE capital into a financial and logistical gateway for investments to address sustainable development in the broader MEASA region. This is also aligned with the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development, which also informs NYUAD’s global perspective.

The NYU Stern School of Business (NYU Stern) and NYU Abu Dhabi recently established Stern at NYUAD, a one-year full-time MBA Program providing students the opportunity to build careers in the MENA region. With educational modules in both Abu Dhabi and New York, Stern at NYUAD will welcome its inaugural class in January 2025.