A Celebration of Dedication and Commitment

NYU Abu Dhabi Vice Chancellor Al Bloom receives inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Dedication to Students

Fifteen members of the NYU Abu Dhabi community were honored at the annual Campus Life Leadership Awards, which are designed to recognize the contribution students and faculty make both to NYUAD and the wider Abu Dhabi community.

Vice Chancellor of NYUAD, Al Bloom, who is due to step down later this year, received the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Dedication to Students, which has been named in his honor. In addition, faculty have been recognized at the awards this year, as Clinical Associate Professor, Deborah Williams, was acknowledged for her contribution to campus life.

Student awards included the Award for Innovative Leadership, recognizing exceptional levels of creativity, innovation, or entrepreneurship in their campus leadership activities. Students were also awarded for improving awareness and education in the area of diversity, inclusion and dialogue. Students were also recognized for their dedication to connect NYUAD students with the UAE with the award for the UAE Cultural Ambassador.

The annual Campus Life Leadership Awards highlight not only the academic success of students, but also their commitment to working with the wider Abu Dhabi community.