Five Ways to Improve Your Study Space

Room decoration from Alicja Borzyszkowska, Class of 2022.

A short commute from your room to the laptop does not mean you cannot liven up your surroundings and get comfortable.

With students spending more time in their study spaces rather than commuting between lectures and classes, we share ways to enhance the virtual learning environment.

1. Have Little Reminders of Happy Things

First year student, Megan Marzolf, from NYUAD Class of 2024 had her study space in Minnesota, USA set up with a UAE theme so she has something to look forward to. 

“For my birthday this year, my mom surprised me with setting up this UAE- themed study space that matched the colors of my painting of the Grand Mosque I did this summer. Having this space set up is very meaningful to me because it is a constant reminder that although my adventure hasn’t started yet, it is still out there waiting for me,” Marzolf said.

Study space decoration from Megan Marzolf, Class of 2024.

2. Natural Light Whenever Possible

Alicja Borzyszkowska from NYUAD Class of 2022 loves having natural light where she studies. 

“It will not only boost your mood and wellbeing but it will also affect how colors appear. Look at the light in your room before you decorate it, and then play along,” Borzyszkowska said.

Room decoration from Alicja Borzyszkowska, Class of 2022.

3. Little Quotes of Motivation

Noora Jabir from NYUAD Class of 2024 adds little quotes or images near her work desk to help motivate her. “Remote classes can get pretty overwhelming at times, and these reminders always help me pick myself up everytime I feel burnt out. I usually change the quotes every few weeks, depending on what new challenge or goal I'm trying to work on,” Jabir added.

Study space decoration from Noora Jabir, Class of 2024.

3. Fairy Lights

Transform evenings and nights into a cozy little space with fairy lights. 

“Among the fairy lights, I hung some pictures of friends, cut out pieces of song lyrics that speak to me and encourage me,  and one or two other cards from friends. This makes a great decorative piece and also a great reminder of the people I love,” said Abigail Koomson from NYUAD Class of 2023.

Room decoration from Abigail Koomson, Class of 2023.

5. Make Friends with Upperclassmen

Toby Le from NYU Class of 2021 found a way to find new decorative pieces that saves money and is also more environmentally friendly. “Make friends with upperclassmen so you can inherit their stuff,” Le said.

Living space decoration from Toby Le, Class of 2021.