Five ideas to spruce up campus living space

Here are five ideas from NYU Abu Dhabi students to give you new inspirations on decorating your living space.

1. Bring a piece of home with you

Living space decoration by Kevin Mokhtar, Class of 2020.

My room decor is based on my hometown London. The London Underground reminds me of home the most. Being a big fan of the London Underground, I was inspired by its bright colours and geometric lines used in its map. In this sense I picked my room decor style so that my room reminds of home.

Kevin Mokhtar, Class of 2020


Living space decoration by Kai-Wen Yang, Class of 2020.

My room decoration reminds me of my home, root, and identity. The photo wall constantly reminds me of those who I love and the sweet memories we had with each other. The Chinese calligraphy written by my father reminds me that although we live far apart, our hearts are always closely tied and that our love and support for each other would never be compromised by the distance.

Kai-Wen Yang, Class of 2020

2. Make art while decorating

Create a masterpiece of your own while hanging up some of your favorite things.

Living space decoration by Matilda Mahne, Class of 2019.

The postcards remind me of loved ones who have sent their inaudible voice to wherever I have been living at that time. Some of the postcards and most of the earrings I took as souvenirs from countries I've had the remarkable opportunity to live in or visit. This is my way of remembering both the people and the places that have taken part in shaping who I am.

Matilda Mahne, Class of 2019


Living space decoration by Amina Bašić, Class of 2021.

This is a snapshot of our common area and our favorite place in the suite. There are so many memories tied to this place, where we hung out, laughed, cried, had movie nights and all nighters. We chose this decor because we wanted something colorful but also powerful and outspoken. We love pop art and that was our initial plan for the wall, but we couldn't resist putting the other paintings too because they were simply amazing!

Amina Bašić, Class of 2021

Living space decoration by Ivy Akinyi, Class of 2021.

I love Boho style since it incorporates art in the manner that I like.  So I decorated my room with this in mind, but more so with things that define me.

Ivy Akinyi, Class of 2021

3. Decorate with your travel mementos 

Chris Wheeler, Class of 2019, keeps his travel mementos on the wall.

I’ve been collecting all the tickets I get from things like flights, sports games, concerts, museums, etc., since just before I joined NYUAD. I now have over 350 items from five continents.

Chris Wheeler, Class of 2019

4. Use fairy lights to create a different ambience

Living space decoration by Lenah Ankliss and Lulu Zakia, Class of 2021.

We aimed to create a space which is comfortable and inviting to go back to. Our walls are plastered with photo’s of friends and family, drawings, polaroids, plane tickets from our travels, and cards from home.

Lenah Ankliss and Lulu Zakia, Class of 2021

5. Hang words of affirmation and motivational quotes

Living space decoration by Natasha Maria Treunen, Class of 2020.

Most of the decor is affirmation quotes just to remind myself to stay positive and bright. I have the world mandala to remind myself to travel and continue being a global leader.

Natasha Maria Treunen, Class of 2020


Living space decoration by Claudia Neumann, Class of 2021.

As I wanted to make my room a peaceful place, I decorated it with things that I love and make me happy. It has all kinds of sunflowers, pictures of my friends and family, and all the motivational quotes I had on my desk back in Paraguay when I was applying to NYUAD.

Claudia Neumann, Class of 2021