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The NYU Abu Dhabi Library provides resources and technologies needed for research and teaching and an extensive range of physical and electronic resources. The NYUAD Library is fully connected to NYU Libraries e-resources in New York, providing seamless access for our global scholars.

Our Collection

Our growing collection includes:

  • Over 60,000 books
  • Over 5,000 DVDs
  • 80 print newspapers, journals and magazines
  • 100,000 e-journals available online
  • 1,100 online databases
  • 1.5 million ebooks

The print collection is designed to support the undergraduate curriculum taught at NYUAD and is primarily in English. However, works in major research languages, including languages taught at NYUAD, are also represented.


To borrow materials from the NYUAD Library, users may search our library catalog, locate the item on the shelves, and bring it to the library circulation desk near the entrance of the library. The borrower must show their NYU ID card in order to borrow. See our loan periods in the chart below.

If the NYUAD Library does not have an item, see instructions for requesting from other libraries.

Other libraries interested in borrowing material from NYUAD Library via interlibrary loan should contact us.

Checkout Equipment

NYUAD faculty, staff, students, and family members may borrow a variety of materials and equipment from the NYU Abu Dhabi Library's Center for Academic Technology.

Suggest an Item for the Collection

Can't find what you're looking for? Students and faculty may nominate books, journals, e-resources, audio, and video recordings to be acquired by the library.

Connection to NYU Libraries

The NYUAD Library is closely connected to NYU Libraries. Visit their website for more information and resources.

Loan Periods

Students, faculty, and staff use workstations at the NYUAD Library.
The periodicals and leisure reading section of the NYUAD Library.


    • The individual that checks out any item is responsible for it and any accessories while they are checked out and until they are appropriately returned. A due date will be given at the time of checkout based on the type of item being checked out and/or for the checkout purpose.
    • The item and all accessories must be returned by the due date to the NYUAD Library.
    • The item must be returned in the same condition in which it was received at the time of checkout. Normal wear and tear is acceptable.
    • Borrowers remain solely responsible for the item(s) and any accessories throughout the checkout period. If items are lost or damaged, the borrower will be asked to pay for the item(s).
    • Borrowers returning items past their due date, failing to return an item in the same condition as when it was checked out, or failing to return an item altogether will be subject to disciplinary procedure. This includes, but is not limited to, suspension of the individual's borrowing privileges from the NYUAD Library. The library has loan rules that govern when and for how long users are blocked for returning materials overdue.
    • Depending on the item and its loan period, items that are excessively overdue will be considered lost and the borrower will be billed for replacement. If items are declared lost and subsequently returned, lost charges will be waived but late charges, if any, remain. 
    • Borrowers returning equipment late will be blocked from borrowing for the amount of time the item(s) was/were overdue. For example, one item returned two days late will result in a block of two days. Two items returned two days late will result in a block of four days. Although the replacement fee will be waived if lost items are subsequently returned, the late charges and block will remain.
    • Borrowers owing more than AED 18.37 AED (USD 5) will be blocked from borrowing from the NYUAD Library.
    • The maximum late charge is AED 180 (USD 49.01) per item.

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