University Archives

The University Archives is NYU Abu Dhabi’s collecting program and repository of history, memory, and community experience. Our program and collections aim to document NYUAD institutional knowledge; community memory and campus life experience; and research projects and collections, through a variety of media, formats, records, and outreach. A growing body of materials, the NYUAD University Archives includes both physical and digital collections from 2008 to the present, securely stored in our archival vault and digital repository. We collaborate with leadership, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and other members of our University community as we continue to expand and preserve a historical archive that will be useful resources for future understanding. Our primary audience includes future members of our NYUAD community. Many collections are also open for external research use.

Institutional Knowledge

A central area of the University Archives includes the record of institutional knowledge preserved through materials generated by NYUAD administrative leadership, as well as divisional and departmental program records, accreditation reports, governance documentation, minutes and proceedings, oral history interviews, and University publications.

Research Collections

From one-time course projects, to our cumulative repository of undergraduate Capstone Archives, the University Archives is a home for records and materials that illustrate our campus’ diverse research initiatives and collaborations. This also includes the historical records and programs of the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute, which has sponsored research programs and public engagement opportunities since 2008.

Community Experience and Memory

How will future generations and researchers understand what campus life was like? This area of collecting pursues the answer to that question through collaboratively archiving student and campus activities, alumni engagements, university-wide events, and community collections. A recent example is our community-wide COVID-19 Archive

Oral History

Oral history is central to our collective memory and documentation effort for the NYUAD community. Oral history interviews have been conducted and acquired during different moments of the institution’s history. We also coordinate exit interviews with community members.

NYUAD Memory Project

The NYUAD Memory Project is our ongoing community oral history opportunity and collection. Over 100 hours of recorded interviews have been recorded since the Fall of 2019. These interviews are a central place to start for learning more about NYUAD programs, community traditions, historical events, and campus life. The project is ongoing and available to all members of the community.

NYUAD COVID-19 Archive donation bin, in the Campus Center.
NYUAD community members in front of the camera make a recording for the NYUAD Memory Project.