Arab Heritage and Gulf Crossroads

Over 2,500 rare books, publications, and archival collections, ranging from the 16th century to the present day.

The theme of exchange — whether cultural, scientific, or commercial — surfaces frequently in the publications collected in this area. Ranging from scientific and medical treatises originating in the Arab world, whose Latin translations circulated widely in Europe up through the Renaissance; to first-hand accounts of exploration and trade between the Arabian Peninsula and Europe, Africa, and South Asia; over 2,500 rare books and other publications, some dating back as far as the 16th century, sketch out the various ways that the Arab world has impacted and interacted with other parts of the world. Archival collections, rare publications, and ephemera also document various facets of the rapidly evolving societies of the Gulf region, the Arabian Peninsula, and the wider Indian Ocean rim.

Tārīkh al-Kūwayt (History of Kuwait), published in Beirut, early 1960s

Archival Collection Highlights

There are over 25 distinct archival collections currently, filling nearly 170 linear feet (54 linear meters) of shelving space. Listed below are highlights from some of these collections. Expand for descriptions and finding aids of each of these highlights.

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