National Day — 50 Years






We celebrate the nation's Golden Jubilee on December 2 and look towards the next 50 years, together.

Happy 50th Anniversary, UAE!

Celebration Events

A series of cultural, social, and academic events that will honor the UAE's past and present, and highlight its future.

The Emirati Mandoos Initiative

Date: Tuesday, November 23, 2021

For the first time in NYU Abu Dhabi, Al Ghafah is delighted to announce a unique opportunity for friends and classmates who are culturally enthusiastic and eager to experience Emirati culture first hand to join our “Emirati Mandoos” initiative where students will be sharing a selection of Abayas for the week!

NYUAD Campus Lighting Ceremony

Date: Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The unmissable lighting around the Central Plaza’s palm trees will spread the festive spirit to all.

Hekayah | The Story

Date: Wednesday, November 24, 2021

What does home mean to you? Your country, your city, your family, your living room? Celebrate UAE National Day with a lineup of poets, spoken word artists, musicians, and storytellers

Sharbaka Exhibition, New York Campus

Dates: December 2021 - May 2022

This inaugural exhibition of al Mawrid Arab Center for the Study of Art at New York University Abu Dhabi was commissioned by New York University’s 19 Washington Square North in New York. Organized by Haraka: Experimental Lab for Arab Art and Social Thought. Curator: May Al-Dabbagh, Assistant Professor of Social Research and Public Policy.

UAE-Focused Research

Members of the NYUAD community conduct UAE-focused research with global impact.

NYUAD Contributes to the UAE
Community Engagement

Working with our partners we explore solutions and give back to the community that we live in.

Turtle Power

While most people sleep, some NYUAD community members wake up before dawn to patrol the beaches on Saadiyat for critically endangered hawksbill turtles.

Empowering Young Women

Founded by two NYUAD alumnae, the GEN program continues to mentor and guide young girls in Abu Dhabi through a leadership development program to cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves.

The UAE Healthy Future Study

The long-term study launched at NYUAD aims to determine the causes of common chronic diseases in the country’s national population.

The Arts

We strive to enrich the community by bringing in one of a kind performances.

Cuban-Khaleeji Project

What does it sound like when Cuba meets Khaleeji? Explore a musical journey in traditions and sounds of seafaring cultures from the Gulf and North Africa to Cuba.

Boom.Diwan x Nduduzo Makhathini

An immersive ritual of music, the visual, and dance that is rooted in Khaleeji pearl diving traditions, meeting South African jazz.

But We Cannot See Them: Tracing a UAE Art Community, 1988-2008

Images courtesy of The NYUAD Art Gallery.

Did You Know?

The rapid pace of development in the United Arab Emirates over the past few decades is sometimes difficult to comprehend. In the 1960s, not only did the UAE not exist yet as a country, there wasn't even a marked highway system to connect the small number of people who lived here. In fact, back then in the Trucial States as it was called by the British, they didn't need paved roads because few people had cars.

Sharing Stories

Explore the University's UAE-focused events and historical artifacts. 

Looking at the Past

Photos Courtesy of Akkasah Center for Photography.

10 Years of Homegrown Innovation

Take a look at ten startups from startAD’s programs with UAE nationals. The founding teams are contributing to the UAE startup ecosystem and developing a true knowledge economy in the country.


Industry: Mobility Hardware


Industry: E-commerce
Founder: Marwa Al Mansoori

Meet the Locals

Industry: Tourism


Industry: Educational Technology (EdTech)

NYUAD Celebrates UAE National Day

From ayyala dancing to taking pictures with camels, we put together a collection of past and present National Day celebrations on campus.