Course List

J-Term 2020 Courses

Courses open to NYU New York and NYU Shanghai students.

Course Number Course Title Faculty Location
ARTH-UH 2121J Museums in a Global Context Andrew McClellan, Christa Clarke London
BUSOR-UH 1001J Principles of Marketing Bruce Buchanan New York
CADT-UH 1047J Hacking in Global Perspective: Creativity, Copyright, and Control Finn Brunton Abu Dhabi
CCEA-UH 1088J Selves and Non-Selves in Arts and Literatures Christopher Packard Abu Dhabi
CDAD-UH 1004E Microbes Shady Amin Abu Dhabi
CDAD-UH 1005EQ Forensic Science: Guilty or Not Guilty? George Shubeita Abu Dhabi
CDAD-UH 1009EJQ Behavior Justin Blau Abu Dhabi
CDAD-UH 1013EJ Stem Cells: Immortality and Regeneration Esteban Mazzoni Abu Dhabi
CDAD-UH 1022JQ Sustainable Development Arpad Horvath Abu Dhabi
CDAD-UH 1026EJ Water, Energy, Food Nexus Sanjiv Ghokale, Philip Panicker Abu Dhabi
CSTS-UH 1054J Green Mobility and Cities Robert Cervero Abu Dhabi
CSTS-UH 1064J Well-Being and the Design of the Built Environment Cynthia Myntti Abu Dhabi
CSTS-UH 1080J Environmental Justice and Urban Inequality Colin Jerolmack Abu Dhabi
CSTS-UH 1081J What is Religion? Kwame Anthony Appiah Abu Dhabi
CSTS-UH 1083J Year of Tolerance Matthew Silverstein Abu Dhabi
ECON-UH 1410J Research Design, Fieldwork, and Data Analysis for Development Economics Morgan Hardy Accra
ECON-UH 1502J Household Finance Luigi Guiso Abu Dhabi
ECON-UH 2621J Financial Crises and Financial Macroeconomics Natacha Valla Paris
FILMM-UH 1119J Socialism on Screen Bruce Grant Prague
HERST-UH 2301J Museum History, Theory, and Practice: Case Study, Florence Bruce Altschuler Florence
HIST-UH 3321J Atlantic Moments in the Making of the American Republic Steven Hahn Florence
HIST-UH 3323J Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: History and Memories Jennifer Morgan Accra
IM-UH 1500J Immersive Storytelling, and the Art of Making the Virtual, a Reality Anthony Geffen London
LAW-UH 2120J Law in Entrepreneurship Richard Hendler Abu Dhabi
LITCW-UH 1104J Writing the City Paulo Horta Madrid
LITCW-UH 2314J New York Urbanism: Poetry, Art and Architecture Since 1900 Lytle Shaw New York
MCC-UH 1011J Memory and Visual Culture Marita Sturken, Katherine Hite Buenos Aires
PHIL-UH 1110J The Meaning of Life Mathias Risse Abu Dhabi
POLSC-UH 2320J Diversity and Society Eric Knowles, Cyrus Samii Abu Dhabi
POLSC-UH 2323J Suffering and Politics Giunia Gatta Abu Dhabi
POLSC-UH 2324J The Politics of Belonging Membership, Communities, Nations, and Boundaries Astrid von Busekist Sydney
POLSC-UH 2513J Media and Memory Antonia Lant Buenos Aires
POLSC-UH 2517JQ Modeling Politics and International Relations Alastair Smith Sydney
POLSC-UH 2522J Global Crisis in the European Context Shanker Satyanath Abu Dhabi
POLSC-UH 2525J Power Relations Theory Massimo Morelli Abu Dhabi
POLSC-UH 2529J Fulfilling the Promise of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 Douglas Alexander London
POLSC-UH 3312J Social Media and Political Participation Joshua Tucker New York
PSYCH-UH 1001J Cognition Robert Rehder Shanghai
SRPP-UH 1610J Child Development and Social Policy in a Global Society Larry Aber Abu Dhabi
SRPP-UH 1618J Political Abdications Ivan Ermakoff Abu Dhabi
SRPP-UH 1814J Language, Religion, and Ethnicity Benjamin Hary Abu Dhabi
SRPP-UH 1815J “Diversity”, “Inclusion” and “Tolerance”?: Contemplations on 21st Century Identity Formation Lisa Coleman Abu Dhabi
SRPP-UH 2213J Sports and Society Chris Dawes, Daniel Rubenson Abu Dhabi
SRPP-UH 2625JX Making Women Matter: Case Studies from the GCC May AlDabbagh Abu Dhabi
THEAT-UH 1114J "Under the Radar" at the Public Theater Carol Martin New York