Learning Outcomes

Mathematics Program

Upon completion of the major in Mathematics at NYUAD, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Understand the fundamental theorems of Analysis, Algebra and Geometry and be able to learn new mathematics independently.
  2. Graduates who major in this program will possess advanced theoretical knowledge of the fundamental mathematical concepts in the major areas of mathematics. They will develop a proficiency in writing and presenting them. They will also
  3. develop the ability to learn new mathematics independently by reading textbooks, research papers, and consulting educational websites.
  4. Identify and apply appropriate mathematical (theoretical and numerical) as well as statistical techniques.
  5. Graduates who major in this program will develop and recognize knowledge on how to solve mathematical problems, using theoretical tools or numerical tools. They will be able to draw conclusions from data, predict the likelihood of various outcomes, and make decisions.
  6. Presenting and communicating effectively mathematical knowledge and mathematical research.
  7. Graduates who major in this program will demonstrate the ability to effectively present one’s work in oral and written form to audiences of both mathematicians and nonmathematicians.
  8. Demonstrate the ability to build and analyze mathematical models.
  9. Graduates who major in this program will possess the skills to develop mathematical models (both natural and artificial) of physical system and real-life situations.