Program Structure

The Program in Legal Studies is situated within both the Social Sciences and the Arts and Humanities, and it thus aims to serve as a bridge between these divisions. The design of the Legal Studies curriculum facilitates double majors and allows ample leeway for taking courses in other academic disciplines. The curriculum aspires to foster in students the readiness and ability to act in a truly human manner which entails qualities such as serving as an advocate for individual rights and as an artisan of the common good.

6 Required Courses

  • What is Law? Comparative Global Jurisprudence, LAW-UH 1010, offered spring;
  • Legal Writing and Research, LAW-UH 1011, offered fall and spring;
  • Legal System and Method, LAW-UH 1012, offered fall;
  • Business Law, LAW-UH 1013, offered spring;
  • Legal Institutions, LAW-UH 2010, offered spring; or Constitutional and Administrative Law, LAW-UH 2502, offered spring; or Public International Law, LAW-UH 2123, offered fall;
  • Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility, LAW-UH 3010, offered fall

4 Legal Studies Electives;

  • Please see the complete list of Legal Studies elective courses below.
  • 2 Capstone Seminar and Project: LAW UH 4000 and 4001, fall and spring of the Senior Year.

London Track

Students who opt to complete the Legal Studies London Track will be exposed to the great ideas of the common law as a preparation for service in legal and law-related professions. Legal Studies majors who elect to participate in the London Track spend two semesters at NYU London. The spring semester of second year of undergraduate study at NYUAD presents the first opportunity to study-away. Legal Studies majors who elect the London Track do their first study away semester at NYU London where they take courses in Torts and Criminal Law as well as two other courses from the many diverse electives offered at NYU London. The students return to NYU London for their second semester of study away in the fall semester of the third year of undergraduate study when they take courses in Property, Equity and Trusts, and Commercial Law. Prior to their first study away semester in London, it is highly recommended that students take What is Law, Legal Writing and Research, Legal System and Method, and Contracts at NYUAD. When they return to NYUAD, students take Constitutional and Administrative Law, European Union Law, and Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility. The requirements of the London Track are outlined below.

Starting in 2020, prospective solicitors in the UK are required to pass a series of standardized assessments, the first part of which is the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE1). In light of this development, NYUAD Legal Studies majors who elect to complete the track at NYU London are introduced to the subject areas tested on the SQE1. Participation in the London Track does not guarantee that one will necessarily pass the SQE1.

The NYU London Legal Studies Track is strictly optional. Students may major in Legal Studies and not participate in this track. Whether or not one elects to participate in the London Track, Legal Studies majors who successfully complete all of the requirements of their NYUAD undergraduate education receive the BA in Legal Studies.

London Track Structure

1. Prior to Study Away at NYU London

It is highly recommended that London Track students take these courses prior to study in London:

  • What is Law, LAW-UH 1010
  • Legal System and Method, LAW-UH 1012
  • * Legal Writing and Research, LAW-UH 1011
  • Contracts, LAW-UH 1110

* Please Note: Starting in the fall 2020 semester, two sections of Legal Writing and Research will be offered each semester, and one of these sections will be specifically focused on the London Track. If possible, students who are planning to apply for the London Track should take the section of Legal Writing and Research focused on the London Track. However, either section will suffice to prepare the student for the Legal Studies major and London Track option.

2. Spring 2021 in London

  • Torts, LAW-UH 2501
  • Criminal Law, LAW-UH 2500
  • 2 Non-Law elective courses at NYU London

3. Fall 2021 in London

  • Property Law, LAW-UH 3500
  • Equity and Trusts, LAW-UH 3501
  • Commercial Law, LAW-UH 1014
  • 1 Non-Law elective course at NYU London

4. In Abu Dhabi preferably during the Junior and Senior Years

  • Constitutional and Administrative Law, LAW-UH 2502
  • European Union Law, LAW-UH 3503
  • Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility, LAW-UH 3010
  • Capstone Seminar and Project, LAW-UH 4000 & 4001

By special exception, Legal Studies majors are sometimes permitted to study for the London Track during the Spring Semester of their junior year and Fall Semester of senior year (rather than the Spring of sophomore year and Fall of junior year). This exception requires permission of the Legal Studies Program head and of NYUAD Global Education. Students who are granted this exception are responsible to ensure that they have satisfied all the necessary course requirements for the Legal Studies major, and students who apply for the exception should consult with their academic advisers to ascertain that they can graduate on time. This special exception also entails that the student makes the necessary arrangements for the fulfillment of the Capstone Seminar and Project with the Legal Studies Program Head.

Legal Studies Minor

The minor in Legal Studies is open to all students who wish to gain a basic understanding of fundamental legal concepts, institutions, and method. As virtually all fields of academic inquiry entail some legal consideration, the minor serves as a complementary field of study to disciplines in the Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Sciences, and Engineering. The minor requires four Legal Studies courses, at least two of which must be drawn from the Required Courses.