Employment and Graduate Studies

Engineering programs at NYU Abu Dhabi provide a sound preparation for careers in research, academia, industry, or government. NYUAD General Engineering graduates will be able to analyze and design devices and systems in an interdisciplinary engineering area related to the five thematic areas of study:

  • Biomedical and Health Systems
  • Cybersecurity
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Robotics
  • Urban Systems.

The Career Development Center at NYU Abu Dhabi works with students to help improve interpersonal skills, find internship and job opportunities, and prepare for graduate school.


Being thrown in the deep sea and being expected to not only survive but to deliver stellar results is an experience that my degree program gave me. This makes me confident to accomplish tasks that initially seem beyond me.

Brian Ndirangu, General Engineering graduate, employed as a geochemist in Qatar

Where Are They Now?

NYUAD General Engineering alumni are employed and studying in countries around the world. This is just a small sample.


  • Phillips
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Schlumberger Limited

Grad Schools

  • Columbia University

Doors Open with a NYUAD Degree 

Our alumni leave NYUAD with jobs and graduate schools lined up for them.

My Favorite Course in General Engineering

Course Spotlight

This course opened my eyes to the limitless fields I can apply my engineering degree to, offered me a pragmatic view into the innovation process, and introduced me to new global engineering challenges.

Course Spotlight

I was immersed in a foreign culture, conducting ethnographic research and critically assessing applications and innovations through a volunteer project with Habitat for Humanity.