Learning Outcomes

Film and New Media Program

Upon completion of the NYU Abu Dhabi Film and New Media degree, all graduates are expected to have developed:

  1. Synthesize studies and practice in both academic scholarship and artistic production.
  2. Define and demonstrate “media literacy,” conceived as knowledge and creation of different elements, structures, aesthetics, genres and platforms relevant to film and new media cultures of film practices and industries.
  3. Demonstrate artistic, critical, and interpretive skills in making films and new media projects.
  4. Present arguments in written, oral, and visual forms, manifesting effective use of methods of investigation, critical vocabulary, organizational skill, and, where appropriate, new technologies.
  5. Demonstrate technical acumen in the use of hardware and software in the production and postproduction of filmmaking.
  6. Employ and defend an interdisciplinary conception of film and media in their transnational manifestations as they relate to other art forms and other academic fields across the curriculum.