Learning Outcomes

Film and New Media Program

NYU Abu Dhabi Film and New Media students will develop skills in academic scholarship and artistic production and, upon completion of the major, are expected to:

  1. Demonstrate artistic, critical, and interpretive skills in making and analyzing film and new media.
  2. Present arguments and points-of- view in written, oral, and visual forms, demonstrating effective use of investigative methods, critical vocabulary, organizational skills, and technologies.
  3. Demonstrate both artistic acumen in preproduction, production and postproduction of film and new media and analytical acumen in the research and writing on film and new media.
  4. Develop an understanding of film and media across the globe as it relates to other art forms and other academic disciplines.

Specialized Objectives

A. Students who elect to pursue a Capstone Project in FNM Studies are expected additionally to have developed:

  1. The ability to read critically, analyze, and contribute to scholarship in film studies and new media studies and its underlying methodological, historiographical, and theoretical discourses.
  2. The ability to conduct research, including the use of libraries, archives, databases, research and other software, contributing to a written thesis that can also include a creative project.

B. Students who elect to pursue a Capstone in FNM Practice are expected additionally to have developed:

  1. The ability to produce a film or new media object from conception to distribution, and ability to situate one’s arts practice within a historical and cultural context of other artistic production that addresses common themes or raises comparable questions.
  2. The ability to conceive and execute a short film and/or new media project that has a personal or social voice and reflects the ability to incorporate both academic research and production skills.