Employment and Graduate Studies

Arab Crossroads Studies majors bring a solid background in knowledge of the Arab world and Arabic to job opportunities in fields such as:

  • policy making
  • journalism
  • diplomacy
  • consulting
  • finance

Graduates compete effectively for places at elite doctoral programs in the United States and around the world in Middle Eastern Studies, Islamic Studies, Anthropology, History, Arabic Literature, and Comparative Literature, and with additional coursework in the social sciences, in Sociology, or Political Science.

I cannot understate the value of faculty members at NYUAD who supported me in my academic pursuits and their constant encouragement toward independent research.

Myungin Sohn, PhD student in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Yale University

NYUAD gave me a small taste of the diversity of the globe, and how to approach it with an open heart and investigative mind.

Louis Plottel, employed as a magazine editor

Where Are They Now?

Arab Crossroads Studies graduates from NYU Abu Dhabi are working and studying around the world. This is just a small sample.


  • Pacific Immigrant Resources Society
  • Freelance Writer

Further Studies

  • Langara College
  • Qasid Arabic Institute
  • Yale University

Many doors open up when you have a degree from NYU Abu Dhabi. See where our Class of 2018 graduates are now. 

The Career Development Center at NYU Abu Dhabi works with students to help improve interpersonal skills, find internship and job opportunities, and prepare for graduate school.