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Robert Allen

Re-Counting the Past

Global Distinguished Professor of Economic History Robert Allen is leading a massive data collection project that will help tell the largely untold story of Middle East economic history.

Strategic Research for Global Challenges

Strategic Research For Global Challenges

The breadth of research in the social sciences at NYU Abu Dhabi uses data to help historians, economists, NGOs, and governments better understand human behavior — and improve people’s lives.

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Lessons from Waves of Innovation. Robert Allen says: “The future will be okay”
The past’s ability to shed light on the future and what the future will look like was the center of Robert Allen’s morning speech at the 2018 Trento Economics Festival. Allen is a Global Distinguished Professor of Economic History at New York University Abu Dhabi.
Il Trentino | June 3, 2018

Welcome to Umbrella Town
Economic historian Robert Allen of New York University warns that China's loss of its competitive edge could see it follow the US and Britain on the path to de-industrialisation.
BBC World Service | November 30, 2017