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NYUAD Social Science faculty are frequently featured in local and international news media.

Thinking Before Eating Leads Kids to Healthier Food Choices
One in five children in the United States struggles with childhood obesity, which has largely been linked to diet.
Very Well Family | August 2, 2021

Teamwork counts more for men than women
Stanford’s Edward Lazear and Kathryn Shaw demonstrated in 2007 that businesses and other organizations were increasingly relying on group work. Since then, such work has become a mainstay, especially in the technology and engineering industries.
Chicago Booth Review | October 21, 2020

How life will look after Covid-19, from the economy to education
Welcome to the new normal: how life will change, for better and for worse, after the pandemic passes.
Wired | May 26, 2020

Jobs for the boys? New study shows how career paths can be guided by gender
NYU Abu Dhabi professor's research reveals workers are allowing gender stereotypes to put limits on their own ambitions.
The National | November 24, 2018