Submitted Journals

Papers that have been submitted and awaiting publication.

Ghoul T., S.Ibrahim, V.T.Nguyen. "Construction of type II blowup solutions for the 1-corotational energy supercritical wave maps" (https :// [To appear in Journal of Differential Equations]

Collot C., Ghoul T., Masmoudi N. "Singularity formation for Burgers equation with transversal viscosity". (https :// Submitted

Ghoul T.,S.Ibrahim, S. Shen. "Long time behaviour of a two fluids model". Submitted.

Ghoul T., V. T. Nguyen, H. Zaag. "Construction of Type I blow-up solutions for a higher order semi-linear parabolic equation". ( Submitted

Ghoul, Tej-Eddine, and Nader Masmoudi. "Stability of infinite time blow up for the Patlak Keller Segel system." (arxiv: [To Appear in Communication of Pure and Applied Mathematics.]

Ghoul T., S.Ibrahim, V.T.Nguyen. "On the stability of type II blowup for the 1-corotational energy supercritical harmonic heat flow". ( [To Appear in Analysis and PDE]

Ghoul, Tej-eddine. "Stable type II blowup for the 7 dimensional 1-corotational energy supercritical harmonic map heat flow." Submitted

Ghoul, Tej-eddine, Van Tien Nguyen, and Hatem Zaag. "Construction and stability of blowup solutions for a non-variational semilinear parabolic system". ( Submitted [To Appear in Annales de L’institut Henri Poincare Non-lineaire.]