Rafael Maria Gutierrez

Visiting Research Professor Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: Physicists Universidad Nacional de Colombia; M.Sc. Universite de Montreal; Ph.D. NYU

Research Areas: Complex Systems, Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, Entropy, Information, Innovation

Rafael M Gutierrez is an interdisciplinary scientist, a higher education and R&D&I leader in interdisciplinary and applied science and technology with extensive international experience. He has interpersonal skills and experience managing interdisciplinary work teams in simulation and modeling of complex systems applied to natural, social and human sciences towards innovative problem solutions based on scientific and technical knowledge.

The deepness, strength and diversity of disciplinary modern science and technology have enough maturity to solve the most demanding problems of modern society by means of interdisciplinary organization and creating conditions of self organization of disciplinary knowledge. Rafael M Gutierrez has developed a new PhD program in Applied Science as an organization and self organization process of disciplinary knowledge to generate new innovation capacities at individual, institutional and social levels. He was deputy director of the Colombian national science foundation and director of the basic sciences national program, full professor and director of the research center for basic and applied science, complex system research group and PhD program in applied science in his home institution in Colombia, Universidad Antonio Narino. He has been adviser of more than thirty bachelor, master and PhD thesis and has more than one hundred and fifty scientific and technical publications, two patents granted and more than twenty patents submitted and under development.

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