Niti Dhutia

Visiting Assistant Professor of Bioengineering Affiliation: Visiting
Education: PhD Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Research Areas: Medical Imaging and Technology; Computer Vision; Artificial Intelligence; Cardiovascular System;

Dr Niti Dhutia trained as a Biomedical Engineer at Imperial College London and developed a strong interest in medical imaging, in particular, Echocardiography. She specialises in using quantitative techniques, derived from mathematics, engineering and statistics, to problems that affect patients with heart disease. She was awarded a British Heart Foundation Research Excellence Award for her PhD at Imperial College London, which developed image processing elements for an operator guidance system using multimodality cardiac ultrasound to improve quantitative diagnostics.

Her research work applies technology and computer vision techniques to provide a proof-of-concept for the automation and standardisation of clinically-relevant physiological measurements of the human heart, to enable the widespread use of quantitative echocardiography. She has been working with clinicians at the International Centre for Circulatory Health, St Marys Hospital and Hammersmith Hospital in London to translate her research into day-to-day clinical practice. Other application areas of her research include Electrophysiology, MRI, pacemakers and syncope. More recently, she has been applying artificial intelligence techniques to automate cardiac measurements and further improve reproducibility and clinical workflow.

Courses Taught