Jorge Montalvo Navarrette

Design/Product Engineer Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BEng Mechatronic Engineer; MEng Mechatronics

Research Areas: Digital Fabrication; Additive Manufacturing; 3d printing; Circular Economy; Robotics

Jorge Montalvo holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics and a Masters of Engineering in Mechatronics from Universidad Autonoma de Occidente in Cali, Colombia. He was part of the team founding Fablab Cali, and since 2008 has been an active member of the global Fablab network and has been involved in many projects around the world designing, implementing, and running fablabs, workshops and hackathons, and as faculty of the Engineering Department he taught Conceptual Design, Computer-Aided Design, Advanced Engineering Drawing, Digital Fabrication, Integrated Manufacturing Systems, and other lectures. Additionally has industrial experience as a Project Engineer for several projects in the Sugarcane, Pharmaceutical, and mass production Industries in Colombia and Latin America.

Jorge is a certified Project Management Professional, Solidworks CSWE, and Autodesk Certified Professional. He has broad experience in digital fabrication, additive manufacturing, CAD/CAM/CAE, product design, circular economy and loves social entrepreneurship and mentorship. He is passionate about digital manufacturing, robotics, maker culture, and the impact of these technologies in the globalized economies of the future and likes to work in projects to democratize access of technology and empower communities to solve local problems using technology.

Advanced Manufacturing Workshop

The Advanced Manufacturing Workshop (AMW) is a vibrant learning community of students from many different disciplines helping each other to create amazing projects while learning. Students can learn how to transforms bits into atoms and create "almost" anything with digital fabrication tools like Laser Cutters, CNC machines and 3d printers.

Hosted at NYU Abu Dhabi and supported by the Engineering Division, the space aims to teach anyone, willing to learn, to solve problems through design engineering methodologies and developing high quality prototypes, which go beyond mere theory with a "hands on" approach where they learn by doing.