Philosophy faculty at NYU Abu Dhabi come from all over the world and have a wide range of research and teaching interests. You will find biographies, course listings, research and publications, and contact information on each faculty member's profile.

Gabriel Rabin, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Research and Teaching Interests: Philosophy of Mind, particularly the metaphysical status of consciousness and the nature of representational content; Metaphysics, especially fundamentality, modality, and ground; Philosophy of Language; Logic; Philosophy of Mathematics

Affiliate and Visiting Faculty — 2018–19

Philosophy is an activity that uses reasoning and rigorous argument to promote human flourishing.


Tuomo Tiisala, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Research Interests: Social and Political Philosophy, Post-Kantian Philosophy, Normativity

Past Affiliate and Visiting Faculty


To be clear-headed rather than confused; lucid rather than obscure; rational rather than otherwise; and to be neither more, nor less, sure of things than is justifiable by argument or evidence. That is worth trying for.