Gabriel Rabin

Program Head, Philosophy; Associate Professor of Philosophy; Global Network Associate Professor of Philosophy Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BA Columbia University; PhD University of California Los Angeles

Research Areas: philosophy of mind, metaphysics

Gabriel Rabin works in philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and related areas. The main questions that occupy his mind are: "What is the metaphysical status of consciousness (and what are the rules for deciding this question)?" and "What makes it the case that a given representational state (linguistic, mental, perceptual, or other) has the representational qualities that it does?" These questions have led him to investigate fundamentality, ground, modality, physicalism, a priori justification, analyticity, conceptual truth, understanding, and a variety of other philosophical topics.

Rabin received his BA from Columbia University in 2002 and, after a Fulbright Fellowship that took him to the Australia National University, his PhD from the University of California Los Angeles in 2013.

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