The Music Program has state-of-the-art facilities used by its majors and by the community at large. The facilities support a myriad of projects, ranging from professional-quality studio recordings to highly advanced multimedia works using multichannel audio, high-definition video, and theatrical lighting.

The facilities are centered around three main spaces.

  • Located in the Arts Center, the Music Program's state-of-the-art recording studio features:

    • 24 channel SSL analog console
    • multiple leading analog audio effects and processors
    • complete HD digital Pro Tools system
    • collection of audio plugins, video systems, and various other professional tools

    Using the tools available in the studio, students develop their listening and practical skills to better understand the fundamental and advanced techniques of the audio engineering industry.
    The space also serves as a creative playground where students and faculty are encouraged to explore their artistic expression by making use of the tools and technology at hand.