Program Structure

In all aspects of the curriculum and structure, including classroom and non-classroom-based activities, the program emphasizes the academic standards, norms, ethics, and values appropriate to the culture of English-language higher education institutions. Faculty appointed by New York University teach the courses and all instruction takes place in English.


  • Critical Thinking and Persuasive Writing
  • Mathematical Reasoning for the Sciences
  • Leadership and Public Speaking
  • College Readiness and Success
  • Test Preparation

Learning Schedule and Locations

Term Study Months Study Locations
Summer 1 July-August Courses in Abu Dhabi and possible regional travel
Academic Year 1 September-May Courses in Abu Dhabi and online
Summer 2 July-August Courses in Abu Dhabi and possible regional travel
Academic Year 2 September-November Courses in Abu Dhabi and online

What to Expect

  • The intensive summer portion of the program is approximately five weeks at NYU Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island campus providing an opportunity for in-depth exploration of academic topics both in and out of the classroom. The rigorous academic program challenges students to hone their analytical thinking skills and encourages them to question their assumptions.

    During the program, faculty, staff, and chaperones provide the academic and social support necessary for all students to succeed in this new and demanding mixed-gender experience. Faculty and staff accompany students on the many co-curricular activities in the evening, providing the occasion for ongoing discussions on topics raised in class and promoting group dynamics and cohesion. Supervised housing and transportation are provided for those students who request such accommodations, and most students choose to stay on campus during the program.