With our ever-growing program, the NYUAD Summer Academy staff is available to provide clarification on the nomination process, expanding services offered, and general inquiries.

Abu Dhabi Staff

Aisha Hamisi
Manager of Operations and Student Advising
Office: +971 2-628-4023
• Summer Academy applications
• Summer Academy Open House events
• Summer Academy New York trip


Povashni Naidu
Assistant Manager for Programming and Strategy
Office: +971 2-628-4885
• Summer Academy Italy trip
• Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program (SMSP) applications
• SMSP information sessions

Yusuf Samara
Assistant Manager, Administration, and Alumni Affairs
Office: +971 2-628-5033
• Summer Academy and SMSP alumni network and events
• SMSP alumni board

Dharini Parthasarathy
Academic and Student Affairs Specialist
Office: +971 2 628 4731
•SMSP graduate school applications
• Summer Academy undergraduate school applications
• Assistant Instructor of Leadership and Public Speaking and Public Presentations classes

Sara Almheiri
Program Coordinator
Office: +971 2 628 6670
• Summer Academy alumni events
• STARS program
• SMSP alumni events

Karim Hassan
Academic Affairs Coordinator
Office: +971 2 628 7621
• Academic affairs
• New program development

New York Staff

Jonathan Marsh
Academic and Student Affairs Specialist and Instructor
Phone: +1-347-421-2646
• SMSP graduate school application and recommendation support
• New York-based alumni events
• SMSP advising

Brittany Baker
Phone: +1-212-992-7261
• Tuition payments for alumni at NYU
• Student trips to New York and Washington, DC