With our ever-growing program, the NYUAD Summer Academy staff is available to provide clarification on the nomination process, expanding services offered, and general inquiries.

Abu Dhabi Staff

Jennifer Gerrard
Senior Director
Phone: +971 2-628-5415
• General program management questions
• Selection decisions

Aisha Hamisi
Manager of Operations and Student Advising
Office: +971 2-628-4023
• Summer Academy applications
• Summer Academy Open House events
• Summer Academy New York trip

Povashni Naidu
Assistant Manager for Programming and Strategy
Office: +971 2-628-4885
• Summer Academy Italy trip
• Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program (SMSP) applications
• SMSP information sessions

Yusuf Samara
Assistant Manager, Administration, and Alumni Affairs
Office: +971 2-628-5033
• Summer Academy & SMSP alumni network and events
• SMSP alumni board

Sara Almheiri
Program Coordinator
Office: +971 2 628 6670
• Summer Academy alumni events
• STARS program
• SMSP alumni events

Razan Elzubair
Program Coordinator
Office: +971 2 628 4425
• SMSP transportation requests
• SMSP and Summer Academy publications

New York Staff

Jonathan Marsh
Academic and Student Affairs Specialist & Instructor
Phone: +1-347-421-2646
• SMSP graduate school application/recommendation support
• New York-based alumni events
• SMSP advising

Nupur Goyal
Phone: +1-347-421-2646
• Tuition payments for alumni at NYU
• Student trips to New York and Washington, D.C.