Program Structure

Core Courses

Each student enrolls in one of our two academic core courses, taught by NYU faculty and instructors. Each course includes an international travel component that enriches and builds upon the topic of the course, leading students to develop global and international perspectives on critical issues of our time. Course topics change from year to year and will be announced by the time that applications are due.

Leadership Development

In the course, “What Makes a Great Leader?” Scholars study theories of leadership and models, engage in self-assessment, undertake development exercises and skills training, and meet with noteworthy leaders across a broad spectrum of fields and disciplines.

Academic Enrichment

Scholars take two courses to enhance English language development: Critical Thinking and Persuasive Writing, and Public Speaking and Public Presentations.

International and Cross-Cultural Experiences

Connected with the core courses, scholars engage in international study under the supervision of NYU faculty and instructors. They also participate in cross-cultural, academic, and leadership activities as part of the Program. Scholars receive invitations to attend programs, lectures, and conferences sponsored by NYU Abu Dhabi and other leading cultural and intellectual institutions in the UAE.

Graduate School Counseling

SMSP provides counseling and assistance with applying to graduate and professional degree programs.

Alumni Network

During SMSP and continuing after graduation, Scholar alumni will have many opportunities to interact with other Scholars’ classes, meet and mentor students enrolled in a companion program — the NYUAD Summer Academy for high-potential high school students — and build valuable professional relationships and connections.