Post Opportunities

Post full-time jobs and internship opportunities (for free) to the Handshake database, which students review regularly. Drafting a job description and posting your position emulate a common post-university recruiting practice, which help students prepare for the world of work.

Make Your Post Effective

How to Draft a Job Description

Strong job descriptions convey purpose and commitment to students interested in applying, and can help create a foundation for a successful hire. Career Development Center staff are available to consult with you personally and provide a job description template.

Job Descriptions that Generate the Most Interest

Job descriptions with these common characteristics tend to generate the most interest.

  • descriptive internship title (e.g., Content Development Intern)
  • specific qualifications required and desired, such as skills, experience, knowledge, education/coursework, GPA, and class level
  • detailed description of daily duties
  • preferred start date, tentative duration, and hours per week
  • compensation or other benefits, if appropriate
  • required application documents (i.e., CV, cover letter, transcript, ID, etc.)

Posting Requirements

Internship Requirements

  • learning objectives and goals related to the student’s academic coursework, professional, and/or personal goals
  • supervision by a professional with routine feedback
  • a defined beginning and end
  • resources required for completion of internship tasks must be provided
  • internship sites must be both safe and professional

Posting Standards

  • Opportunities posted must be career-related and require candidates pursuing or already possessing a university degree.
  • Organizations posting opportunities must be hiring candidates for their own human resource needs.
  • Organizations must provide a professional website to help us validate your opportunity.
  • Fee-based programs cannot be advertised (e.g., fee-based training programs, fee-based placements, or positions requiring the purchase of supplies).

Job Posting Guide

Use our job posting guide (PDF) to post your internship or job to NYUAD CareerNet. You will also find a guide for writing job descriptions, as well as FAQs about hiring NYUAD students.