Recruit Our Students

Why Hire Our Students?

NYU Abu Dhabi students come from more than 110 countries, speak over 100 languages, and study 25 different majors. Be it finding interns or looking at hiring our graduates for your organization, we can help connect you quickly and efficiently with our best and brightest student talent.

How to Recruit Virtually

For employers wondering how they can continue to recruit NYU Abu Dhabi interns virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic, read our comprehensive virtual guide (PDF). 

Recruiting Process

Review Candidates

You can review candidates who have applied for your position at anytime by logging in to your Handshake account. When your position closes, our team will send you a PDF packet of applicant CVs within two business days.

Interview Candidates

We offer on-campus interviews, which can simplify the logistics for you and your team. Once you short-list candidates, our team reserves space in our on-campus interview suites and books interviews per your schedule. If you choose to interview candidates at your location, you are welcome to do so.

Over 20 companies conducted almost 180 interviews of our students for internship, part-time and full-time opportunities on our campus in the past year.

Notify us of your Hiring Decision(s)

When you have extended offer letters, notify us via our Hire Reporting Form. In the case of internships, if NYU Abu Dhabi is the visa sponsor, we will process a No Objection Letter and/or Letter of Support for students within four business days so they can begin work at your organization.

Recruiting Timeline