NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery

Upcoming Exhibitions

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The NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery presents curated exhibitions of art and culture across historical and contemporary topics, with a special emphasis on subjects of both regional concern and international significance. Its curatorial platform supports scholarly and experimental installations, artists’ projects, guest curators, and landmark exhibitions.

Located at the entrance to NYUAD’s campus (in building A4), the spacious NYUAD Art Gallery is equipped for exhibitions in all media, allowing for both experimental and traditional museum installations. The gallery includes an outdoor sculpture garden that will host special projects and events. Admission to the Art Gallery is free and open to the public.

Permanent Temporariness exhibition at The Art Gallery.

The Project Space

The Project Space is a non-commercial gallery dedicated to Abu Dhabi community projects. The Project Space is supported by the museum-trained staff of the NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery. The Project Space, located in the Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi, gives priority to exhibitions from within the academic and regional community, including the annual Senior Capstone Festival, faculty-curated exhibitions, experimental projects, and the work of regional emerging artists.

Visitors observe an art piece at the NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery.
Students, faculty, and guests attend an opening of the NYU Abu Dhabi faculty art show at The Project Space in The Arts Center on the NYUAD campus.