19 Washington Square North

From its scenic location in Greenwich Village, 19 Washington Square North (19 WSN) is the New York City gateway to NYU Abu Dhabi. It is a hub for scholarly and institutional connectivity between our Abu Dhabi and New York campuses; an information center for visitors interested in NYUAD; and the academic "home away from home" for NYU Abu Dhabi students, faculty, administrators, and alumni while staying in New York.

New York is also home to branches of NYU Abu Dhabi Admissions, Global Programs, Institutional Research, Human Resources, Public Affairs, and Finance.

  • Public Programs and Exhibitions

    NYU Abu Dhabi Institute Programs

    In addition to its wide range of programming in Abu Dhabi, the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute convenes workshops, conferences, and evening public programs at 19 Washington Square North. These programs aim to support and highlight research conducted by faculty and principal investigators in Abu Dhabi as well as by Affiliated Faculty in New York. The Institute also hosts programs that foster collaboration between faculty, researchers, and departments across the global campus and/or that have a particular connection to the MENASA region.

    Proposals for workshops and conferences should be submitted following the guidelines outlined in the Institute's Memorandum of Understanding (PDF). To learn more about the Institute and its programming in Abu Dhabi, please visit the Institute.

    Host an NYU Abu Dhabi Institute Program

    For more information or to explore the opportunity to host an evening public program, please contact:

    Sharon Hakakian Bergman, Associate Director of Academic Programs
    Email:  sharon.bergman@nyu.edu 
    Phone: 212-992-7941


    Since its opening in 2009, 19 Washington Square North has hosted over 20 exhibitions featuring photography, painting, and works on paper in its multi-purpose Events Space. With a focus on connectivity to NYUAD, the exhibitions highlight research projects of faculty and researchers from across NYU's schools. It has also featured creative works by many of the leading artists from the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) region. The NYUAD Art Gallery continues to be an integral thought partner in the annual planning of the curatorial program, and often facilitates bringing exhibitions from the Gallery or Project Space on Saadiyat Island to the New York campus.

Supporting Research in Abu Dhabi and New York

Faculty Fellows Program

Thanks to the support of the NYU Office of the Provost and the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute, we are pleased to offer a new faculty fellowship program starting in the spring 2020 semester. 

Applications will be welcomed in fall 2019 from full-time NYU faculty in New York who wish to spend spring 2020 in residence at 19 Washington Square North (19 WSN), the home of NYU Abu Dhabi on the Square.

The 19 Washington Square North Faculty Fellowship program aims to foster and strengthen connections between NYU faculty in New York and Abu Dhabi, as well as to contribute to the academic activity of 19 WSN.

Academic Programming

19 Washington Square North is also a venue for additional scholarly and artistic activities that support the work of faculty in New York and Abu Dhabi. Examples of such activities include: conferences, lectures, book manuscript workshops, working-group meetings, grant-review panels, exhibits, and performances. Limited funding may be available to support these.

Propose an Academic Program at 19 WSN

Contact Professor Ann Morning, Academic Director

Teaching and Learning at 19 WSN

Seminar-Style Classrooms

With its two seminar rooms equipped with the latest technology, 19 Washington Square North is an ideal location for class sessions that encourage a lively exchange of ideas. During the January Term and Summer Sessions, the building is the main hub for NYUAD courses based in New York, as well as an outstanding location for classes taught by NYUAD faculty spending a semester on Washington Square.

Faculty Support at 19 WSN

A Resource for NYU Abu Dhabi Faculty

The Business Operations and Human Resources staff at 19 Washington Square North are responsible for all mobility activities and assignment management for NYUAD standing faculty inbound to New York, as well as for affiliated NYU New York faculty outbound to Abu Dhabi.

To facilitate faculty flow between Abu Dhabi and New York, 19 WSN staff make office space and apartments available to NYUAD professors who travel to New York, whether for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. Because space is limited, interested faculty should contact us well in advance.


NYUAD Faculty Recruitment, Promotion and Tenure

The Faculty Recruitment and Promotion and Tenure team is responsible for hiring and promoting the most skilled and diverse faculty population, fulfilling NYU Abu Dhabi's mission to provide a world-class education to an equally impressive and diverse student pool. The team is charged with managing the faculty hiring process across all divisions and levels, as well as educating and training search committees on best practices. Recruitment provides a wide variety of in-house support from start to finish both in Abu Dhabi and New York, ultimately leading to the successful handoff to the Academic HR Partners to facilitate the end of the hiring process.

The team is also responsible for managing the Provost's Promotion and Tenure Committee, liaising with the Provost's Office, Deans and Divisional Managers in both Abu Dhabi and New York to ensure the process is completed.

Extending the NYU Abu Dhabi Community

A Resource for NYUAD Students and Alumni

The first NYUAD undergraduates to study in New York were a group of sophomores who spent the spring 2012 semester at NYU New York. Today, NYUAD students have the option to study at NYU's New York campus throughout the year — during the fall and spring semesters, J-Term, and summer sessions — and approximately 400 students do so every year. In the 2018-2019 academic year, 91 NYUAD students spent the fall semester in New York, 164 studied on the Square in the spring, and 177 elected to spend the summertime at NYU New York.

19 Washington Square North is a welcoming space for NYUAD students to work, socialize, and collaborate with all members of the NYU community. In recent years, a growing and enthusiastic alumni base in the tri-state area increasingly uses the building to host events, allowing them to continue their support of and connection to NYUAD.

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program and Summer Academy

The Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program offers a select cohort of talented university students unique access to specially designed courses, lectures, leadership experiences, networking, and graduate school opportunities and scholarships. The NYU Abu Dhabi Summer Academy is an 18-month program designed to enhance the academic profiles of highly motivated Abu Dhabi-based Emirati high school students.

The team at 19 Washington Square North provides academic support, orientation programs, social and cultural activities, community service projects, and cultural trips for enrolled students. The team also provides support to program alumni.

Meeting Rooms

The New York offices of NYU Abu Dhabi at 19 WSN have rooms available and white-glove service for meetings and events. Preference is give to events that reinforce connectivity and interaction between NYUAD and the global network of NYU. These rooms may also be rented for events not related to NYU Abu Dhabi.