Undergraduate Student Government

The Student Government structure consists of three concentric circles: the Executive Board, the core team consisting of five elected members; the Council, a representative assembly consisting of the Executive Board, the class representatives, the academic representatives and the committee chairs; and the General Assembly, of which every NYUAD student is part.

The Student Government collective deliberates and undertakes action on all issues presented by the student body, including matters pertaining to student interest groups; academic policies and curricula; campus life policies, services and facilities, and any other issues pertaining to the global network as they apply to the NYUAD Student Body

Executive Board Members

  • Hafsa Ahmed, President
  • Vongai Mlambo, Vice President
  • Lier Qiu, Chief of Staff
  • Motoi Oyane, Treasurer
  • Zain Mustafa, Programming Board Chair

Class Representatives

  • Matea Kocevska, Senior Class Representative
  • Filip Bendevksi, Junior Class Representative
  • Hazem Lashen, Sophomore Class Representative
  • Patrick Dowd, First-Year Class Representative


  • Teodora Hristovska, Senator

Academic Representatives

  • Jessica Abdala, Arts and Humanities Representative
  • Lujain Ibrahim, Engineering Representative
  • Guillermo Schlamp, Science Representative
  • Christine Shao, Social Science Representative

Committee Chairs

  • Athletics: Keziah Johnson
  • Campus Spaces: Paula Navalon
  • Dining: Ekin Basaran
  • Diversity: Kevin Joseph
  • Global Affairs: Klementina Krulec
  • Health and Wellness: Sameera Singh
  • Library and IT: Sofija Jancheska
  • Sustainability: Raunak Shrestha

General Assembly

General Assemblies are monthly gatherings open to the entire undergraduate student body and occasionally attended by certain staff/faculty/admin upon invitation by Student Government. They are chaired by the President and follow an agenda set by the Executive Board in consultation with the Student Government Council. This is a space for all students to discuss various issues of concern to the student body. GAs may also be used to deliberate over resolutions, either presented by Student Government Council members, or individual students, before voting takes place. Each GA usually has time allotted for 'New Business' i.e. an open floor where any issue may be brought up by the audience members ad hoc.


Graduate Student Council (GSC)

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) serves as the voice of all graduate students within the New York University Abu Dhabi community and upholds their rights and strives to ensure that there is proper representation of the students in all of the NYU portal campuses that are parts of NYU Abu Dhabi PhD programs. The purpose of the GSC is to promote the general welfare of the graduate student population, pledging to remain transparent and accessible to all graduate students. The GSC facilitates communication and cooperation within the Global Network University, serving as a liaison between the graduate student population of New York University Abu Dhabi and the respective communities of other portal campuses.


  • Jad Mahmoud Halabi (Abu Dhabi Representative)
  • Jiayun Sun (Abu Dhabi Representative)
  • Juan Esteban Villegas (First year NY Representative)
  • Halil Utku Unlu (First year NY Representative)
  • Ibrahim Tahir (First year NY Representative)