Staff Governance 

NYU Abu Dhabi is committed to the principles of joint shared governance and has established the NYUAD Staff Council as an advisory body to ensure that staff interests are represented in institutional decision-making processes. The NYU Abu Dhabi Staff Council is governed by the NYU Abu Dhabi Staff Governance By-Laws. The by-laws were officially ratified in December 2020 by the council after in-depth consultation with NYU Abu Dhabi staff, the Administrative Management Council in New York and the NYU Abu Dhabi leadership.

Staff Council Steering Committee

The Staff Council Steering Committee serves as the main channel of communication between the NYUAD staff and (i) Staff Council, and (ii) NYUAD leadership. The decisions and recommendations of the Staff Council and the Staff Council Steering Committee are advisory to the NYUAD leadership.


  • Chair — Emma Baker
  • Vice Chair —  Farzan Khan
  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Officer — Karol Tołpa
  • Governance Liaison Officer — Siraj Ahmed
  • Communications Officer — Josephine Simm
  • HR Officer — Lolowa AlMarzooqi
  • Chair, Academic Staff Committee — Katie Collier
  • Chair, Research Committee — Georgia Michailidou


Staff Council

The NYU Abu Dhabi Staff Council is a deliberative body which engages with academic, administrative, and research staff to understand their needs and concerns. It meets monthly to discuss matters of policy and procedure which affect NYU Abu Dhabi Staff, and its decisions and recommendations are recorded and forwarded to the University leadership.


The Staff Council meets monthly as a whole. Additionally, sub-committees meet regularly as required. The Staff Council meets bi-weekly with the Chief of Staff, and with other members of leadership as required. Regular communication with the Vice Chancellor and the Provost, as well as with other university wide governance bodies, are facilitated through the Cross Council Committee.