Postdoctoral Associates

Postdoctoral Governance

The NYU Abu Dhabi Postdoctoral Council is governed by the NYU Abu Postdoctoral Governance Guidelines. The guidelines have been drafted and will be officially ratified in the fall of 2019 following in-depth consultation with the Office of Academic Policies and Governance, the members of its Council and a constituency-wide vote.

Postdoc Council and Forum

The NYUAD Postdoctoral Council is a deliberative body that discusses all matters relating to policy and research that are of interest or concern to Postdoctoral Associates. Its decisions and recommendations are recorded and forwarded to the University leadership.  

The NYUAD Postdoctoral Forum is a venue which brings together Postdoctoral Associates to collectively explore ideas and concerns in a less formal setting than the Council and to ensure the PCSC is fully informed of these ideas and concerns in order to best represent them. The Forum has no legislative function and any resolutions passed shall only express its participants’ opinions and concerns; and must be forwarded to the Council.

Postdoctoral Council Steering Committee

The (PCSC) serves as the interface between members of the postdoctoral community and the upper administration of NYU Abu Dhabi. The Postdoctoral Council Steering Committee (PCSC) is an advisory committee that provides a bridge between the senior academic administration, the community, and the Postdoctoral Council. The PCSC normally meets twice a month.

The committee also holds social events for NYU Abu Dhabi based postdocs in its commitment to building vibrant postdoctoral community life.


  • Romain Ferrali, Social Science
  • Ada Kovaliukaite, Social Science
  • Moumena Chaqfeh, Science (Computer Science)
  • Jishnu Bhattacharya, Research Institute (Center for Space Science)
  • Kaustuv Ganguli, Arts and Humanities
  • Ilia Papakonstantinou, Engineering 
  • Nikhil Rangarajan, Engineering